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I initially came to address some lower back pain and stiffness, and I was curious about the Integrative Technology that Dr. Jackie had available to assess overall spine health. My condition wasn’t limited but I am now aware of my overall health (including discovering I do have arthritis in my back) and it beneficial to come in order to maintain it. Many people think chiropractic care is aggressive and painful, but with Dr. Jackie that is absolutely not the case. She offers a gentle approach and takes the whole body into consideration. Give it a Try!


Dr. Jackie has been working with my wife since 2015 and she has never been so happily active. It’s not that she didn’t always so a lot before but it always came with consequences later such as soreness, back aches, neck pains and a whole lot of other issues that sucked the life out of her when she got home. I want you to know not only is her life better without all those aches and pains but our family life at home is better as well, all because of her care. Thanks a bunch!


I wanted to let you know in writing what a difference you have made in the way I now look at chiropractic care. I was impressed from the first visit to the in-depth explanation of what my body needed and the care and treatment to rectify it. You were not only very professional, but painless. It was not at all what I had expected. You built my trust and I actually looked forward to my visits. I have already given out you name to family members and would not hesitate to do so with friends and work associates. Thank you so very much for all that you do!




Many people think that chiropractic care is aggressive & painful, but with Dr. Jackie that is not the case. She offers a gentle approach. Give it a Try!



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